Installed MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

I've been using sqlite3 mostly to brush up on programming and web app development. It's faster and easier to manage and I needed a quick way to run databases as soon as I upgraded to Mavericks. I also successfully reactivated the built-in Apache and PHP in Mavericks.

Eventually I had to install MySQL and phpMyAdmin again, so I did the usual web research on this. I was pleasantly surprised. Installing MySQL and phpMyAdmin have become lots easier than it used to (thanks partly to the now well-documented glitch in the default port/socket that MySQL uses in Mac OS X.)

I was wowed by the user interface (UI) improvements on phpMyAdmin.

I followed the instructions from this blog about installing and configuring Apache, PHP, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin. And also used BrianFLove's blog as a reference.

Reading these blogs made me understand more about the internal config of PHP in php.ini (a file I usually just quickly glossed over because I did not have the leisure of time). I was also happily surprised by the clearer explanatory notes in the php.ini file (it's been a while since I read the details).


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