Monday, December 12, 2011

7 things I like about School for Startups (Book Review)

As an entrepreneur and a teacher about entrepreneurship and business, I've read many books about  starting a business. School for Startups stands out among the rest of them. What I like about the book:

  1. It emphasizes taking action immediately on your business ideas.
  2. The authors promote the contrarian beliefs that (a) you don't need to take big risks to be an entrepreneur, (b) you don't need lots of money to start a business, (c) you don't need a big or cool or original idea to start a successful business. Based on my experience, I agree on all of these.
  3. The book contains many real-life examples of people who started their own businesses with very little capital and using simple, even copied, business ideas. 
  4. These examples inspire the reader to take action, as in, now.
  5. The book eschews business plans and instead recommends to use your time more effectively by just trying to sell something and letting the market decide whether you've got a good business.
  6. The authors have real startup experience.
  7. What's more, they have taught classes that helped students to start new businesses. (In one class, they set up a business importing chairs from Pakistan and made a health profit out of that one-time business.)

The underlying themes of School for Startups is to take action, start small and start simply, persist and learn as you move along. If you've been mulling over starting your own business, this is the book I would recommend you read.

Highly Recommended:
School for Startups is by Jim Beach, Chris Hanks and David Beasley. Check it out at Amazon.

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